David Van Elslander

I photographed David Van Elslander at the Grand Rapids Art Van furniture store during a resent production day.  I photographed a few people for a business magazine between commercial video takes. I did removed the microphone in the final image for the client. The room was dark but the design and the windows in the […]

American Worker

This is one of my favorite portraits.  I took this image in New York for the United Association a couple years ago and use it a lot in my portfolio.  It thought it was appropriate to share it again on this labor day.

Chef Michael Trombley

Chef Michael Trombley is a long time friend (Seventh grade). I have had the honor of photographing him multiple times for newspapers and magazines through the years.

David Van Andel

David Van Andel is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Van Andel Institute. He is the son of the institute founders Jay and Betty Van Andel. I photograph him at the Van Andel Center Research institute in Grand Rapids early 2010. They had found it a challenge in the past to create an […]

John Mason

I photographed John Mason at his studio in Detroit Michigan. John is a well know radio personality and voice of the NBA team the Detroit Pistons.

Courtney Clark

I photographed Courtney Clark of Cake Nouveau, Ann Arbor, for Strut Magazine. I took a series of images of the food network competitor, cakes and her store. Cake Nouveau

Dave Bing Detroit Mayor

Dave Bing is a retire NBA Basketball player, successful businessman and current mayor of the city of Detroit.

Ty Pennington Actor and Model

This photograph of Ty Pennington is one of my classic images taken from extreme home makeover. I was assigned to cover the show for the local media. I had full access and enjoyed getting to know the cast.

Matty Moroun

I photographed Matty Moroun in July of 2009. In was very interesting to hear his side of the story related to the Ambassador Bridge and Detroit train station. Usually people only hear one-sided complaints. Below is a little biography information. His full name is Manuel J. Moroun and is the Owner of CenTra, Inc. Mr. […]

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